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We Serve Industrial Clients and Cleantech Clients


With our Team of Associates, and a deep understanding of both technical development and the industrial market, Meta Valent Solutions is providing two synergistic offerings. We are providing waste water treatment solutions to the industrial waste treatment market with cutting edge solutions, and offering technical and business development services to new cleantech companies addressing the industrial waste treatment market.





Cleantech Clients

With a keen and unique understanding of the challenges start up cleantech companies face, MVS provides technical and business development services for cleantech clients that are addressing the industrial waste management market through innovative and new technologies. We also provide temporary human resources for projects in order for our clients to maintain an efficient and lean cashflow situation.

Industrial Clients

For industrial clients that are generating waste water or waste products, and are looking to mitigate cost either through an onsite treatment solution, material recovery, or waste minimization, MVS demonstrates, designs and delivers solutions that offer the highest value to our clients.

Since are connected extensively with cleantech technology providers, MVS is able to provide insight into the most cutting edge and cost effective solutions.

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