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About Us

What We Do


Meta Valent Solutions develops water treatment solutions with a focus in the industrial waste water market. Meta Valent has office space and a laboratory at the Goodman School of Business BioLinc centre where we demonstrate our treatment solutions to potential partners and clients.


Meta Valent has the capacity to test, treat and develop water treatment solutions for a wide variety of contaminants including ammonia removal, COD/BOD reduction, heavy metal removal, and more. 


Detailed engineering and EPCM services are offered by Meta Valent's strategic partner, Tetra Tech Engineering.

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Our Values

We provide uncompromising integrity to any project that we deliver, and we deliver solutions based on that integrity. Our integrity guides Meta Valent in every step of the decision making process. We provide water treatment solutions that work, and solutions that add the highest value for our clients, not ourselves.


Meta Valent Solutions is committed to environmental excellence and we walk our talk. Environmental impact criteria plays a large part in selecting or developing a solution to address your challenges. Meta Valent Solutions believes in solving challenges with solutions that foster a better situation for the environment.



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Our Mission

We will change the way companies assess opportunities through the utilization of new and innovative technologies. We will work with our clients to navigate the path towards commercialization of new technologies. 


We will work with our clients to raidly identify new and emerging technologies that will work for their Corporate Vision.


We will work with our clients to enter into the Waste Management market or enhance their presence in the waste management market through technical innovation and solutions


We will utilize combined technical acumen to comercialize and market new technologies and solutions across mutiple industry verticals.

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